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Caribbean Indigenous Cultural Arts

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About Me

PresenciaTaina.TV offers videos on the ancestral Caribbean Indigenous Cultural Heritage.


This project was developed by Roger Hernandez Jr. to provide educational resources to the public on issues and exhibitions that compliment this genre.


For additional documentation you may visit the website of the United Confederation of Taino People at:

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Presented to Roger Hernandez Jr. - Television and Cable Productions Bronze Award 2001 for his contribution to the video production - "Free Leonard Peltier Now".
This award is presented to sites that the CAC editors perceive as providing an excellent range of information - in the form of documents, discussions, news, testimonies, papers, and archival information.
CAC acknowledges the exceptional work of Director Mr. Roger Hernandez Jr. who produced and designed the excellent website for Presencia Taina with the PT.TV Web Master - Mr. Glenn Welker.
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